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Royal Finance is a Short Term Credit Provider in South Africa, providing responsible and ethical loans to our Kings & Queens.

We strive to be a leading credit provider in SA, making use of great customer relationships and innovative technology to deliver an above-average value and service to our customers.

Our Loan Products include: Term Loans, Weekly & Fortnightly Loans, Payday Loans & Stepwise Home Loans (Developmental Housing Loans).

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Do you have your own informal business, and can't find funding anywhere?

We have created an unique loan product specifically suited for businesses turning over less than R1mil /year.

The whole application and loan process takes place on your phone. 

Welcome to your future!

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Build your home in phases or renovate your existing home.

Step up your living circumstances with the new and affordable StepWise Home Loan where you can build your home step by step with every loan.

Build your home in phases, add a room or enhance your home with new fixtures or basic services like water, sanitation or electricity.

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  Borrow a bigger amount, and pay back in smaller installments.

When you need a bigger loan than you can repay in one installment, our short term loans of up to 6 months repayments might just be what you are looking for.  

These loans are especially suited for those bigger and unplanned expenses.

Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly welcome.

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Borrow once, pay back all in one installment.

Sometimes you just need that little bit extra to get you through the month.  When your bank won't give you an overdraft, let us supply you with a 1 month pay-day loan. 

The advantage of this kind of loan is that you do not have to pay an installment every month. 



If you want to apply for a loan, you have 2 options:

APPLY ONLINE NOW if you want to apply through our website, following the easy step by step application process; or

ASK FOR A CALLBACK if you want a friendly Loan Officer to call you and help you through the application process.

Why choose Royal Finance?

This family-owned business has been trading for 27 years!

We truly care about our customers, and believe that debt should be given out ethically and responsibly.  To do this, we strictly adhere to Affordability Guidelines by the NCR and ensure that a client can afford to pay back a loan.  In doing this, we ensure that the client has enough monthly income to meet his/her obligations - which in turn leads to a longstanding good credit record, a happy family and a better South Africa.

To learn more about our products and find the one which fits your budget best, click on the button below.

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Want to know who you are dealing with?   

Communication leads to knowledge which leads to understanding and trust.  We want you to know us and our story so that you can have peace of mind when dealing with Royal Finance.